Setting Up The Guardian Goalposts

1. One

When using the steel bases, each base must be placed on either side of the site entrance or road at the desired separation. The flat bases should be weighed down with 2x20kg sandbags or any appropriately similar weight. If you are using the metro block ballast system you are able to fill these will various media from water, sand, gravel or even concrete. These ballast bases will provide substantially more support than the steel base systems.

2. Two

Once the base is correctly positioned, drop the collapsed telescopic pole into the Vertical Base tube.

Once the pole is secured into the Steel base, before the pole is erected, the bunting or crossbar can be applied to the first goal post.

3. Three


Extend the first pole using the top section and the top clamp. Once this has been extended 4 or 5 feet lock down the clamp and do the same with the other post so that you raise both posts in a one to one sequence.

4. Four

When using a solid crossbar it is important to raise both of the posts simultaneously, section by section until the desired height is achieved however the bunting is flexible and you may only need to raise each pole alternately a few times.

Once set up, your goal posts will prevent any vehicles OVER the permitted height from entering the danger area.