Guardian Goalpost Base Options

The goalposts stability is paramount to their function. To date the post of the height warning barriers are stood in steel bases. The bases are between 15kg – 25kg and generally need to be anchored by a couple of sand bags to prevent the posts blowing over in moderate winds.

Telsys provide such bases in galvanised steel as standard. This will be provided if no other base is specified. These bases are madeĀ in a one piece welded structure. Depending on stocking levels you may receive one or the other.


The second type of bases is the latest innovation we have applied. They are branded the ‘metro block.’

They are moulded bases which can be filled with various media from water to sand, gravel and concrete. Even with just water each base achieves 110kg weight. This is more than adequate for most situations as you can see from the ‘MIRA’ testing videos, but should you need more then try sand or concrete for massive stability.

Empty the bases for transport ready for the next job.