MIRA Wind Speed Testing

Watch the video for yourself below:-

No one else has taken the care and effort to determine the facts about barrier safety of this kind. We invested so that you can work better and with confidence out on site. We believe that its just a matter of time before the Metroblock Mira wind speed test is seen as a recognised standard across all industries. Until then we are happy just to be giving you the facts.

The Metro blocks in the video were filled with water which is not the heaviest media that can be used, i.e sand, gravel or concrete provide an even more stable goalpost system. However you’ll see that the posts remained erect and operational in wind speeds over 50MPH. We are confident that if the bases were weighed down with a different media these could of remained upright in up to 70MPH winds.

No conventional steel bases regardless of how they are sandbag anchored would come close to these levels of stability.