Telescopic Post System

Telsys have been designing and manufacturing telescopic poles for 15 years and served over 80 different industries. So whilst challenging, it was also a great pleasure to create a pole to meet the demand these poles call for day to day.

So here are the basic specs

  • Conductivity: insulated to 75kv, made from multi layered fibreglass tubes and nylon based clamps.
  • Clamping: glass reinforced nylon clamps to hold tubes. Strong grip, easy control.
  • Collapsed length: 2.1m
  • Extended length: 7.2m
  • Tube sizes: base rake 50mm
  • Top rake: 32mm
  • Weight: 2.4kg
  • Sections: five red and white UV tolerant.

The crossbars are made exactly the same just different tube OD’S.