Goalpost Top Levels

There are two types of height restriction, or barriers that go across the tops of each post.

1. Bunting – plastic strips on cable
2. Solid telescopic crossbar – adjustable pole – rigid

The bunting will always be supplied if the crossbar is not specified. The bunting is 25m long, very durable and simply ties to the tops and then can be pulled down diagonally on each side increasing the spanning effect of the gate way.

The cross bar is very different to the bunting it is a modular set of poles that can create a variable gap between the posts. The posts are made of fibre glass and can create a gateway of up to 8m. It has a simple attaching system which is quick and flexible to cope with the natural motions that occur in different weather conditions. The guidelines for guardian goalposts are now becoming more biased towards the solid crossbars.

It may just be a matter of time before all barriers adopt this as the norm.