GS6 Guardian Goalposts

Height Restriction Barriers For Building Site Entrances

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We sell Telescopic Height Restriction Barriers (Guardian Goalposts) that have been designed in accordance with HSE GS6 guidelines.


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Latest Goalpost Innovation Hugely Improves Safety


The Stability of the vertical pole has always been unpredictable for the following reasons;

  • Wind Speeds Never Quantified

  • Base Weights

  • Lack Of Data

The Metroblock addresses these issues. We created a tested and proven ballast system that can be relied on and is unique to our range. See the video proof

The Products Were Tested At A World Class Independent Testing Facility Called MIRA In The UK. This Is The First Time Anybody Has Taken Barrier Safety So Seriously.


Overhead Cable Protection Goal Posts


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Goalposts Safe Even Above 50MPH

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How And Why Is This Overhead Warning System Used

Site safety guidance is essential in the workplace. Our kit conforms to HSE GS6 guidelines. This system addresses the issues of damage and harm caused by large vehicles and plant as it enters and moves around a work site.

Overhead cable protection and low bridge passes are aided by using this portable gateway. The operator can simply and quickly erect the overhead cable protection goal posts across any carriageway or entrance with very little training. This prevents a common accident or personal injury effectively and at low cost. The equipment is very durable. It will last many years and many jobs. Some basic maintenance is required, but with the comprehensive warranties you are well supported so you get years of service from the product.
The telsys goalpost warning system is unique in several ways but the most prominent feature Is the large weight base system branded the (metro block) see details

We also offer an Own Branding service.

Here are some PDF files available for you to download by clicking the links below:

Leading, international wind tunnel testing company

The unique combination of wind speed testing in gale force winds and our Unique ballast fill heavy weight pole bases make us the ideal choice for your overhead hazard warning system providers…


Guarantees & Warranties

Your investments in equipment need to be protected. Telsys provides a comprehensive guarantee on the following:

  1. Poor quality workmanship
  2. faulty materials
  3. premature wear and tear
  4. functionality

We give you 2 years cover on these items. More than any other competititor would provide for this type of equipment. Just call our customer service department with your issues. We will collect if necessary, and effect repairs or replacement (subject to stock) within 48 hours.

Telsys Overhead Hazard Warning System

The Overhead Cable Protection Goal Post system itself is comprised of two fibreglass telescopic poles which reach any size up to 7.3 metres when extended. These are poles are non-conductive and should be placed either side of the road of the designated area.

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